Sunday, September 20, 2009

Income Tax

To be blunt, I want to see the income tax abolished and the 16th Amendment repealed. I want to see everybody at the IRS get a real job that produces something other than thousand-page rulebooks, suffering, and headaches for Americans.
Think it's impossible? Then take a minute to ask yourself what your favorite federal programs are. I've asked many people, and the best answers I've gotten are social security, unemployment, and the 401k program. But then I ask, are these programs (which are a few among many hundreds that I'm sure you could do without) worth the income tax you will pay over your whole lifetime? The answer to that question also answers whether the country could function without the federal income tax. It most certainly could, as it did for over a century of its existence- and so could you, if you were permitted to keep your money instead of forfeiting it to Washington.
The reason the American government wouldn't crumble without the income tax is because it would be so small- small enough to fit within the confines delineated by the Constitution. It could easily be funded by a flat tax on all imports, because its job would be dramatically reduced from its current levels.
Any proposed alternative to the current tax system (besides a flat 0% tax) is doomed to eventually mutate out of control, just like every other new government proposal. Anything less than dramatic cuts in funding, accompanied by dramatic cuts in government is not worth our time. So long as we have an income tax, you and I will never be free.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In 2002, Congress authorized President Bush to invade Iraq without declaring war. Any representative who voted in favor of this measure should have been ejected from office immediately. To attack a nation without just cause has to be among the highest atrocities that can be committed by a government. Thousands upon thousands of human lives have been stamped out because of this obscene abuse of power.

I am vehemently opposed to risking the lives of our soldiers in any military conflict where the United States is not directly threatened. If I had my way, we'd be bringing the troops home tomorrow. No phased withdrawal, no timetable, no nothing. We would just pick up and go- no amount of foreign nation-building, no matter how positive it sounds, is worth the life of any American soldier. We have problems on our own shores more deserving of our attention.

William Kern talks Politics

Politics hasn't been more than a passing interest since I watched Bush debate Gore in 2000. After watching those debates and televised discussions between subsequent presidential candidates, I decided that registering with a third party was the only sensible thing for me to do.

Until recently, I haven't considered running for office- it's something the average person believes is reserved for another class of people altogether. But I've looked around, talked to people, and have read enough to know that America has serious problems. I do not see real leadership qualities nor a devotion to the Constitution in the typical candidates who run for office. I see promise-makers towing the line for their own party's agenda. Many people feel the same way and are tired of waiting for the change to come to them. If it's real change we desire, we need look no further than ourselves to make it happen. That is why I have decided to give up a large portion of my time and money to this endeavor.