Wednesday, September 16, 2009

William Kern talks Politics

Politics hasn't been more than a passing interest since I watched Bush debate Gore in 2000. After watching those debates and televised discussions between subsequent presidential candidates, I decided that registering with a third party was the only sensible thing for me to do.

Until recently, I haven't considered running for office- it's something the average person believes is reserved for another class of people altogether. But I've looked around, talked to people, and have read enough to know that America has serious problems. I do not see real leadership qualities nor a devotion to the Constitution in the typical candidates who run for office. I see promise-makers towing the line for their own party's agenda. Many people feel the same way and are tired of waiting for the change to come to them. If it's real change we desire, we need look no further than ourselves to make it happen. That is why I have decided to give up a large portion of my time and money to this endeavor.

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