Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Defense of Ron Paul

It has been said that Ron Paul is crazy, a racist, and a truther. First of all, I don't believe the first two to be true, and I have suspicions about the latter. But for the sake of argument, assume all three are true. So what? His opinions don’t affect you if they don’t affect his behavior in office. How Dr. Paul is esteemed personally should be of far less concern than how he does his job. In that regard, he has established himself as a champion of the Constitution and limited government. He took the oath of office, and he sticks to it. What more should you really care about?

I know of no other member of Congress who opposes new unconstitutional federal programs and wants to see the existing ones abolished. I doubt you can say the same of your own representative. I know I can’t. I figure that even if I had a robot as a representative that was programmed to vote No on every bill that came up, I would be far better off than I am now in terms of having a representative who obeyed the Constitution. And even if Ron Paul were on some conspiracy theorist adventure, how could that possibly be any more costly to us than the lawless crusades on which our current representatives regularly take us now?

Unless you’ve been brainwashed into parroting the platform of your political party, you will probably never agree 100% with any politician. Whatever difference of opinion one might have with a politician should take a back seat to how that politician conducts himself in office. Anybody who claims to want freedom and limited constitutional government should be supporting Ron Paul because of his dedication to liberty, rather than dismissing him because of (what might not even be) his personal opinions.

Lest I be misunderstood, I will point out that I'm not defending racism, trutherism, or anything in particular the man has ever said; I'm defending what he's done. I try to see politicians as more of a collection of Yes and No votes than personalities in mere popularity contests. While this is impossible when a person is running for office for the first time, Dr. Paul is well established in this regard. Look at the substance, not the style.

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